Are you looking some cozier and adorable crochet baby hat patterns? If yes then you are on the right destination.  Because we have gathered a big list of sweet and quick to make crochet baby hat free patterns for your inspiration. So, you can find ones that are useful, precious and suit your personality and taste. Crochet baby hat not only protects your baby’s head but also give him a soft effect which he needs.  And we all know that winter is always a perfect time for knitting and crocheting, especially for a mother. Because she has to fulfill more responsibilities and has to become more alert and possessive for their kids.

Crochet Baby Hat

Especially when we come to the new-born baby then he needs more and more protection and care by his mother. Because the little baby or a new-born baby is delicate and sensitive, so a mother has to keep him away and protect him from the cold and chilly weather. For this, she has to wear her baby warm socks, sweaters, booties and hats that could keep her baby cozier and warmer. So, if she is good at knitting and crocheting then she can crochet all of these winter accessories with her own hands with love and more passion. Moreover, you can save a lot of money by crocheting hat at home with your own hands instead of buying from the stores.

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So, if you love and want some budget-friendly crochet pattern then here you will find a lot. From simple beanie crochet baby hat patterns to gorgeous animal patterns, here is everything for you. So, let’s have a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of these ideas and patterns a lot. So, please scroll down and have some fun!

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern:

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern

Crochet this super duper cute and adorable crochet owl hats and bring some fun to your home. These are so easy and quick to crochet you just have to follow the pattern and basic stitches.


Pixie Bonnet Pattern:

Pixie Bonnet Pattern

This cute and sweet little pixie is so easy and quick to crochet. You will have to need a very little yarn to complete this crochet baby hat. So, it would work great as last minute gift for any upcoming occasion.


Crochet Newborn Bow Hat Pattern:

Crochet Newborn Bow Hat Pattern

This crochet new-born bow that is so adorable and fascinating. So, if you are thinking about to gift someone then crochet it with your own hands by following the pattern. You can personalize it by changing the color of bow or hat.


Easy Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern:

Easy Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern

Hre is another crochet new-born hat but this time flower has been attached instead of a bow. This very easy and quick to crochet even you could crochet it less than 3 hours.


Crochet Toddler Hat Pattern:

Crochet Toddler Hat Pattern

Crochet this toddler hat for your own baby or for some other who is really special for you. This hat is really easy to crochet and its color combination is so stunning that is perfect for a girl. Beani flower is adding more decoration to this hat.


Crochet Toddler Monster Hat Pattern:

Crochet Toddler Monster Hat Pattern

This monster hat is perfect to gift someone special to you. This is super cute and adorable and would work great as a Halloween or birthday gift for a little boy.


Crochet Edith Inspired Hat Pattern:

Crochet Edith Inspired Hat Pattern

If you are a fan of the movie Despicable Me, then you surely love this hart pattern. It is also a fun to crochet this hat and i am sure your baby will look cuter after wearing this hat.


Crochet – TMNT Beanie:

Crochet – TMNT Beanie

What about this cute ninja beanie hat? Its really adorable and beautiful that will not only keep you warm but also give you a stunning look of a real turtle.


Crochet Fox Hat:

Crochet Fox Hat

Crochet this fox hat but in a different style. Its really beautiful and your kids will love to have this hat.  If you are crocheter expert then it will not difficult for you to crochet it but if you are beginner then you can learn the basic stitches by clicking the following link.


Crochet Sock Monkey Hat Pattern:

Crochet Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

Bring some monkeys to your home by crafting these monkey hats.   These hats are really colorful and beautiful that will give your baby a cute look.


Crochet Cupcake Hat Pattern:

Crochet Cupcake Hat Pattern

What about this crochet cupcake hat pattern? Is it such a nice and delicious pattern? Maybe, It will take your time due to many embellishments and different stitches but i assure you that the ending result will be superb and mind-blowing.


Red Apple Crochet Baby Hat Pattern:

Red Apple Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

Do you love  little lemon, pumpkin and apple hats for babies? If yes then look at this hat carefully. It just cute as well as really cozier and warmer too.


Crochet Shark Hat Pattern for Baby Hat:

Crochet Shark Hat Pattern for Baby Hat

Are you a fan of sharknado? If yes then this beautiful shark hat pattern for you. It’s really adorable and would work great for a Halloween costume or a fun as fall/winter hat too.


Crochet Confetti Tweed Slouchy:

Crochet Confetti Tweed Slouchy

This Crochet Confetti Tweed Slouchy is simple yet really elegant and beautiful. The simple texture is loveable which makes these stitches, and I thought it would be so pretty in a maroon tweed.


Crochet Snowfall Hat:

Crochet Snowfall Hat

These hats are perfect for a baby, toddler as well as for adults. You can crochet these fantastic and gorgeous hats by following the patterns by clicking the link given below.