Use this beginner-friendly single crochet stitch pattern to make a crochet blanket today! With just a few hours of work and only one crochet stitch, you can have a throw blanket in no time at all.

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Single Crochet Blanket Pattern

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I hope you enjoy this beginner-friendly blanket pattern! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Happy Crocheting!


A few weeks ago I finished up a new crochet pattern called Elise’s single crochet blanket! This pattern is simple, uses one stitch, and is perfect for beginners!

I love simple stitch crochet blankets, and I am excited to be able to share this crochet pattern with everyone!

Read on down to find the free pattern!

Picture of a Single Crochet Blanket


Back to that one stitch, I said I used for this design well; it was a single crochet stitch! (click through the link for a refresher on how to single crochet)

The entire blanket uses this simple stitch, which makes it an extremely quick crochet blanket to work up!

This pattern is a perfect crochet blanket for beginner crocheters or someone looking for a fast DIY project!

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Single Crochet Blanket {FREE PATTERN}


Straightforward and simple! (My favorite!) So if you are like me and always need a quick gift for a new baby, you could work this easy blanket up in no time! Yep, it’s the perfect quick gift since it uses only one stitch.

Single Crochet Blanket {FREE PATTERN}

THE YARN That’s perfect for this crochet baby blanket!

For this single crochet throw, I used Red Heart Gum Drop yarn in grape, which is a beautiful & silky soft yarn! The different shades of pink, purple and the pops of blue in it are just beautiful!

You can find this in most craft stores or on Amazon if you’d like it dropped right at your doorstep! (Me please!!)

Click the yarn image to check this Red Heart out and to see all the different colors that are available!

Let’s make your new favorite crochet blanket!

Let’s get started! Read on down to start crocheting this simple single crochet blanket and

Happy Crocheting!

Single Crochet Blanket {FREE PATTERN}


Skill Level

  • Easy


  • I used 6 skeins of worsted weight yarn, but yours will vary depending on the size of the blanket you choose to make.
  • Size J 6.00 MM hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


  • sc = single crochet
  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain


  • written is standard US terms
  • size can easily be adjusted by chaining any # of chains.
  • How to Single Crochet (picture tutorial)
  • How to Chain (picture tutorial)

Single crochet video tutorial

How to Chain Video Tutorial

Single Crochet Blanket {FREE PATTERN}


FOUNDATION ROW: ch your desired length (I chained 81)

ROW 1: Starting in the second ch from the hook sc,  sc in every ch across. (80)

ROW 2: Turn, ch 1, starting in first stitch sc, sc across the entire row in each st. (80)

ROW 3: Turn, ch1, sc in the first stitch, sc in each st across. (80)

ROW 4 -?: Repeat row 3 until you reach your desired length.

FINISHING: Fasten off the yarn and weave in all the loose ends with a yarn needle.

Single Crochet Blanket {FREE PATTERN} - Elise's Single Crochet Blanket Pattern by Rescued Paw Designs.

YOU ARE DONE With your single stitch blanket!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed Elise’s Single Crochet Blanket Pattern! If you make this with a smaller starting chain, this would be the perfect single crochet baby blanket!

I can’t wait to see all the throws you make!

Single Crochet Blanket {FREE PATTERN}

Feel free to ask questions!

If you have any questions about the pattern, please feel free to ask! If you’d like even more free blanket patterns, be sure to check out the blanket suggestions below!

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Happy Crocheting!

Single Crochet Blanket Beginner Pattern


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