One of my greatest loves? Tunisian crochet. I’ll take any kind of Tunisian crochet I can find and this chevron technique is simple, easy-to-learn, and fun to work up. We’ll use Tunisian Chevron crochet in a new, free pattern later this week, so let’s master this stitch with this tutorial!

Tunisian Chevron Crochet Tutorial

In order to Tunisian Chevron crochet, you’ll need to start with a foundation row of regular ol Tunisian Simple crochet. Don’t worry… you can either watch the full tutorial for the Tunisian Simple Stitch here, or follow along with the tutorials below, and we’ll walk our way through it together.

In order to crochet a Tunisian Chevron piece of any substantial width, you will need a Tunisian crochet hook. When learning, I like to use a larger hook than necessary.

You will need:

Tunisian crochet hooks (stick or cabled version will suffice)

Worsted weight yarn (Red Heart With Love used in this tutorial)

How it works:

In Tunisian Chevron crochet we are using a multiple of fourteen (14) stitches + one (1) for the foundation chain. This means that each “ripple” or “V” in your chevron will be 14 stitches wide, and you’ll need to chain one more in addition to this number. The extra chain will serve as the side of the first stitch.

To Tunisian Chevron:

1. Chain a multiple of 14 + 1 (for instance: start with 29 chains)

2. Insert hook in back bar of 2nd chain from hook, pull up a loop. Insert hook into back bar of next chain and pull up a loop. Pull up a loop in the back bar of each remaining chain until you reach the end.

3. Start your backward pass… Yarn over and pull through just ONE loop. This will be the side of the piece.  Yarn over, pull through two loops, yarn over pull through two loops, yarn over pull through two loops, and repeat the process until you reach the end of the row and you only have one loop remaining.

4. (First actual chevron row) Skip the very first bar – as that is the side of the piece.

a. Yarn over (this is an increase), insert hook into next vertical bar, and pull up a loop.

b. Pull up a loop in each of the next four (4) vertical bars.

c. Insert hook under next THREE vertical bars and pull up a loop (this is called a TSS3tog, Tunisian Simple Stitch three together).

d. Pull up a loop in each of the next five (5) vertical bars.

e. Yarn over (this is an increase) and pull up a loop in the next vertical bar.

Start over (at 4a) and work your way repeating steps (4a – e) until you reach the end of the row. When you get to the very last stitch make sure you yarn over, insert hook into both sides of the last stitch and pull up a loop.

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you reach the desired height of your project.

To end your Tunisian Chevron piece:

Insert hook into next vertical bar, slip stitch. Insert hook into next vertical bar, slip stitch. Repeat all the way across the row. On the bottoms of the Vs (where the TSS3tog are) slip stitch all three of those bars together. I do not worry about yarning over before doing the tops of the Vs, but only on this last row – the slip stitch row.

If you are more of a visual person, watch the video tutorial below.

Tunisian Chevron VIDEO Tutorial:

That is it! Pretty simple and fun, right?

Tunisian Chevron crochet tutorial

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